Service for the Phylogenetic Placement of T2/S-RNases


Phylogenetic relationships between three classes of T2/S-type RNases in land plants.

This web service aims to enable and ease the phylogenetic placement and classification of new T2/S-type RNases. It arises out of our lab's previously published papers1,2. Please read Ramanauskas and Igić 20172 for details underpinning the starting trees and rationale for analyses.

Briefly, your provided nucleotide or amino acid sequences will be aligned to an existing alignment2, with MAFFT3, using the option -add. The procedure adds user-provided sequences to our maximum likelihood tree2, using RAxML4 evolutionary placement algorithm, option -f v.

Results will be provided for download to the user, and include both the alignment and tree files as well as calculated isoelectric point values (for amino acid sequences).

By using this service, you agree to the terms outlined in this disclaimer.

Quick Start

Proceed to T2/S-RNase placement service.

This page will be maintained until September 1st, 2020 (approximately two years after we expect the funding for this project, as well as the usefulness of the service, will run out).


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